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Do you have a 'Good Life', but something is still missing?

Are you feeling...

  • Stuck and Unfulfilled?
  • ​Stressed, Overwhelmed?
  • ​Lacking Confidence?
  • ​Lonely or disconnected ?
  • ​Like you're not living life fully?
  • ​Guilty for wanting to be happy
  • Are You Looking For Meaning And Purpose?

    Heart Intelligence can help you create true happiness and fulfilment.
    Science now proves that your heart is intelligent and you can harness it's wisdom.

    If  you'd like to find direction, connect to others more deeply and give your greatest gift to the world – then learning to raise your Heart Intelligence could be the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for.

    What if you knew you could learn some simple tools to get you out of the daily grind and back to your happy, loving self? 

    What if you recognised that the current restlessness you are feeling is a sign from your body that you need help? 

    Well guess what?

    We can help you move forward towards becoming that happy, fulfilled person again. 

    Your restlessness is here to get you to moving!

    Ready To Live An Extraordinary Life?

    ​​Genuine Success

    Genuine Success means Living with Inner peace and happiness, health and vitality, loving relationships, passion and purpose.  Achieving personal goals, financial abundance, spiritual growth and being of service to the world.

    Our Idea Of Success Needs To Change...
    The old idea of success is all about accumulating money and power. We need to redefine success as: Living a quality life that is rich and fulfilling. 

    Too many people sacrifice their health, relationships or happiness to achieve success. With Heart Intelligence, you can have it all.

    Genuine Success comes when you are living your life from your heart, in alignment with your deepest values. When you listen to and follow your heart’s calling you receive clear guidance to attend to the areas of your life that are essential for work-life balance, true success and happiness.

    Genuine Success is about having Vibrant Health, Happiness, Loving Relationships, Living with Purpose and achieving our heart's desires.

    Come and join me and I’ll show you…

    The Pathway To Genuine Success

    The Genuine Success Workshop Program...

    Get ready for a day that will not only open your eyes, be prepared to open your heart and renew your spirit as well and plant the seeds that could change the course of your life. 

    Experience the 7 steps to Genuine Success

    Step 1

    Learn Heart Centred Living Principles

    We are going to begin the day by exploring the Emotional Intelligence framework to be at your best and live life fully.  This is the key to achieving success beyond your wildest dreams. Nicholas has taught this framework for 27 years to 1000’s of people who were feeling lost and unfulfilled and are now living on purpose with ease, enthusiasm and passion. 

    Step 2


     Experience Heart Centring Meditation

    Connect to your heart for self nurturing so you can be more present and live with more joy and ease. You can use Heart Centring to release stress, anxiety and overwhelm, find inner peace, release physical pain, accelerate healing, deepen relationships, gain clarity and enhance performance.

    Step 3

     Heart Vision Your Life  - Do What You Love

    The third step is to tune into your heart's calling for clarity and enthusiasm. We are going to envision what your life would look like if you did what you love in the 6 areas of happiness, health, relationships, career, money and service.

    Step 4

    Induce 'FLOW' to Achieve with Joy & Ease  

    Learn the secret code that super successful people use to live an extraordinary life. Identify the 5 major blockages that cause struggle and learn how to free yourself from them. Discover the 5 keys to increase grace (unconditional support from life) and let effortless flow be a part of your everyday life.

    Step 5

    Release the Blocks with CORE CLEARING 

    On the day you’ll have the opportunity to a experience Core Clearing. A revolutionary heart based empowerment process that will help you to identify what’s been holding you back and clear blocks from the past, so you can reconnect to your loving heart, regain enthusiasm and confidence and move swiftly forward to success.

    Step 6

    The 5 Empowerment Steps to Thrive!

    This is a powerful exercise to gain clarity on the exact actions to take NOW in each of the 5 steps to be clear, connected, congruent and committed to be at your best, give your greatest gift and live the life you are meant to live.

    Step 7

    Practice Heart Manifesting

    We are going to complete an awesome day by planting some seeds to attract our hearts desires. We do this by generating the heart state that is consistent with what it is we want.  

    “Nicholas’s workshop was the beginning and the end:

    The end of my depression, anxiety, struggle and sadness. It was the beginning of healing myself, gently but profoundly and re-engaging with my heart and sense of self.

    By the end of the day I felt excited about my life, what I could achieve and the path ahead. Everything had been about the kids, my husband and our business. Now, I feel really grateful that I’m doing what makes my heart sing, the greatest gift I could have given myself and as it turns out, a gift to others too. What I love about this workshop is how gentle it is and yet how huge and powerful the changes are.”

    Louise Holthouse, Devoted Wife and Mum.

    "I found a greater sense of inner peace.

    I love myself more, I feel more creative, I have more fun and a greater sense of connection in my close relationships. I have learnt to let go of worry and get more done. 

    I really love how powerful and gentle the core clearing process is. Nicholas facilities the day in his heart felt and connected way, giving every one the gift of his presence." 

    Maggie Macgill, Chi Running and Pilates Trainer 


    Come and learn practical Heart Intelligence Skills to live from your heart and thrive in everyday life.

    • Feel good about who you are, be a great role model for your kids, family and friends.
    • Banish anxiety and overwhelm by connecting to the peace and happiness within.
    • Discover the Freedom Lifestyle that comes with connecting to and following your heart.
    • Gain the courage to be all of who you are and give your greatest gift to the world: YOU!

    Find Inner Peace and Happiness

    Gain Energy and Vitality

    Create Loving Relationships

    Achieve Your Dreams

    Create Financial Freedom

    Be of Service and a Difference


    Ready to take your health, wealth, happiness and success to a higher level ?


    When: Sunday 2ndJUNE, 10am – 4pm

    Where: Clifton Hill, Melbourne

    Regular Investment: $147

    Special Launch Discount: $47

            $3 – Bring a friend SPECIAL OFFER!

            (After you book you will get an email with the $3 offer link)


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    About Your Presenter: Nicholas de Castella

    Hi, name is Nicholas de Castella.
    I’m the Director of the Institute of Heart Intelligence. 

    Over the last 27 years I’ve conducted more than 10,000 sessions, 200 x 3 ½ day Passionately Alive workshops and 18 year long Breathwork Coach Trainings, author of ‘Keys to Emotional Mastery’ and I have presented Emotional Intelligence Trainings across Australia, in New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England. 

     35 years ago, on the outside I looked like a success. I was representing Australia in World Championships, on scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport, working as an Architect, married with a house, dog and a cat. I regularly ran 200 km per week, represented Australia four times in World Athletic Championships. My best performances were: 28:40 for 10 kilometres and  2hrs 15 minutes for the marathon, which made me the 10th fastest Australian all time.

    But on the inside I felt empty and anxious. A tragic head on car accident lead to chronic fatigue. 

    After the crash I hit rock bottom and DECIDED something had to change. I attended my first personal growth workshop where I realised that success is an inside-out game: I was the one that had been making my life hard. Even better I learnt how to achieve success with ease, heal my body, run faster on less training and create a life I love. 

     I was so inspired by what I discovered that I switched from working as an Architect to Breakthrough Coach. 

    15 years ago I moved to heaven.
    I now live on our retreat centre on 7 acres of Rainforest. I have a 20 year passionate, loving relationship with my beautiful wife Susan and 2 amazing teenage boys. I love to run and hike through the fern covered mountains where I live. I spend my time doing work that I love. I am surrounded by a wonderful heart centred community.


    Institute of Heart Intelligence     www.eq.net.au

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